Welcome to La Rioja!

Who We are?

With “Love Rioja” we would love to show you the hidden Rioja not all visitors are lucky enough to discover. We are experienced travellers and know the different ways and traditions, so know the things a traveller is looking for when visiting a new place. We offer real experiences, with real people. And you will be sure to get a truly friendly welcome.

Rio Oja
Oja river valley

We say La Rioja is famous thanks to our wine, the cradle of Spanish language, it is as well on the “Camino de Santiago”, and famous for its food. For all this, Rioja is known around the world. But this place that we love, would be nothing without its people. Our wish is that you will see more than the monuments, wineries, and landscape: that you will discover behind all these things, the people. Join us and be Riojan for a day.

You will discover our history, enjoy some of the best wine in the world, and eat like a king or Queen. The Riojans are famous for being happy, loyal and hospitable. And you will discover just why this land marks us out in a special way.

We offer local guides who will speak both Spanish and English. When you join us, everything is included, so all you have to think about is to enjoy yourself. And after the tour, not only will you understand us and the area better, but will have discovered  a few “secrets” as well as to enjoy Rioja, but like a real Riojan.

Do you want to know Rioja and the Riojans? If you love our history and our stories, our wine, our food and the people… we are waiting for you with open arms.


Video with a small introduction about Rioja wine region and Rioja wine:




Crianza tour limpio
Crianza Tour

This tour is Ideal to learn many of the secrets of wine in a single morning.We visit two very different wineries. One of them is world class, and the other, is the smallest in the region of Rioja wineries. After the tour, you will feel not only have you visited two wineries and tasted delicious wines, but also experienced with all your senses, our history and culture of wine, as well as the meaning of the word hospitality in Rioja.



Reserva tour limpio
Reserva Tour


During this tour, in the morning the same process is followed as in the “Crianza Tour” (2 wineries, with all its surprises) plus, you can expand your wine and gastronomic pleasures for much longer: include a meal at a typical Rioja restaurant (an old cellar) with the delicacies of the Rioja cuisine, culminating in the afternoon with a walk around a famous landmark and make a very special tasting at a winery located in the best neighbourhood in the world: at Haro Train Station.

A full experience for a full day. Wine, food and culture of Rioja in a single day.



Gran Reserva Tour limpio
Gran Reserva Tour

As a Gran Reserva wine, this tour has been waiting a long time for you to enjoy. You will feel very special. A nuanced wine tour to provide an explosion to your senses, designed for “winelovers” who want the best for their palates and hearts.

The route begins at dawn, flying over the vineyards of La Rioja Alta, in a balloon, an image that will be printed on your memory for life. We will then visit the most exclusive wineries, with the best wines, which you will surely enjoy. Gastronomy is a very important part of this tour and so we will be visiting the best restaurants in the area, to make your experience complete. And all of this with the best facilities and services available, not to mention the close relationship and trust that we always offer.



Autor tour limpio

As winemakers “play” to come up with different options to make their finest wines, with this tour you can make your own experience in Rioja.

You just need to tell us what kind of wine you would like to taste, style of the wineries that you would like to experience: what to choice, wheat to leave … and any little thing important to you. In short, design your perfect day in Rioja. But here are some clues: Wineries and architecture – Unknown wineries – Organic wines – Wine Museums – etc.



clarete riojano

This tour is very special. We will experience the original way wine was made in the distant past, the “clarete”, an original mix between red wine and white wine. We will discover clarete wine, similar to a rosé wine, that was made in Rioja before the influence of French winemaking. This historical wine of the region still has customers happily returning to drink it. Plus, this area is on a special area of Rioja region and their red wines are different of a typical Rioja wine and of course, we will taste all of them.



San Millan loverioja

If you love history and fine architecture, this is the tour for you. People know this route as the Monastery Way. This is a stroll through our history region and language. We will visit three different places, but each important in the history of the region. Plus, we will visit two of the most important spots on the “camino”, also walking on the “camino” and learn about St. James way history with stories.



santa barbara ezcaray

Nobody will tell you there are three high Riojas, but there are! Three areas where the local cultures are so different because of their particular histories. So in Haro, Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Ezcaray, you will discover their unique character. Wine in Haro, Camino de Santiago in Santo Domingo de la Calzada and the beauty of the Oja valley and its majesty of its mountains.




A visit to  La Rioja Baja, which is famous for its orchards and the high quality of their produce, including olive oil and mushrooms, of which this territory is the largest domestic producer. If you like good food and good wine, this is your choice. We visit an award winning  “trujal” to experience the production process and taste the magnificent olive oils. In addition, you will experience the secrets and try different produce of the world of mushrooms. If you like to know about the food you eat, this is your tour.



Parque natural sierra cebollera otoño

We will take you to the mountains of Rioja, the Cameros, the Demanda, the Ibérica where you will discover the magnificent landscapes, wildlife, nature reserves, caves, reservoirs, paths,  and traditions. A true travel in time and an immersion in nature. Don’t miss ‘la Berrea’ (autumn bellowing of the deer), the seasonal migration, or the star filled skies of the StarLight Reserve in Laguna de Cameros: a reserve full of the Riojan biosphere.




If you have not seen among the tours we offer one that completely appeals to you, we can make a route fully adapted to your wishes. Tell us what you want to see, you want to feel, you want to experience, what wines to taste, the days that are best for you, the times that suit you –  whatever. We will find the way so that you love YOUR tour of La Rioja. We are all ears!




And… This is it!

Welcome again!

Contact: info@loverioja.com

Or by phone: +34 696 007 330

To know La Rioja as a “Riojan” 😉


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