Tasting at the Railway Station District in Haro (La Rioja, Spain) – Saturday, September 17th, 2016.

The Railway Station District in Haro (La Rioja, Spain) is a unique place with over 150 years’ history.

It is a district where great wines have been made from the middle of the 19th century to the 21st century,

Preserving their essence, keeping their magic.

Something very special is going to happen in the Station District and we would like you to join us…

We´re preparing a very special day for wine lovers next Saturday, 17th September. If you´re coming to Rioja wine region on these days and you want to get a great experience… Just read this:

It will be a small group of 8 people as maximum (unknown people to do a nice crew), to enjoy the best wines and tapas and meanwhile, Rioja «feeling» will be on the air during all the day.

The day starts at 9:00 am, to visit Laguardia, It´s a medieval village with long tradition about wines. This place is one of the most beautiful around on this area. There we can see the «Golden Mile» of Rioja wines and start to understand why Rioja region is so special.

After this small introduction to Rioja wine… We´ll visit one of the smallest wineries on Rioja region and it´s in Villabuena de Alava. Its production are 6 small barrels per year, but it has wines from 1985 to the present. Unforgettable wines, uniques.

It has a small museum about wine culture and history. There you´ll learn about the land, curious things about wine and old winemakers, etc.

Also, it has an underground cellar, the perfect place to keep wines in great conditions. And of course, the tasting will be with wines from his personal cellar; white, also to taste wines from 3 different oak barrels, 2010 and 1989 wines. Plus, everything with a small traditional lunch.

The visit to this winery will be very special, because the owner will be our guide, and you could ask him directly (he is an old wine maker). His knowledge about wine culture is very high, many generations behind him teaching to the next generation their own technics. The perfect «pit-stop» before the tasting at the railway station district in Haro.

After the «pit-stop», we´ll get Haro and its railway station district, this «neighborhood» is very special, it has more wineries than people living there and some of them are very famous abroad. As Muga, CVNE, Roda, Lopez Heredia, Rioja Alta, Bilbainas & Gomez Cruzado. We´ll spend the rest of the day overthere, one of the best wine events around the world and tasting wines from some of the best wineries on Rioja:

Bodegas Muga

Bodegas Lopez Heredia

Bodegas Roda

Bodegas CVNE

Bodegas Gomez Cruzado

Bodegas Bilbainas

Bodegas Rioja Alta

This ticket includes:
– Tasting of 14 wines
– Tasting of 7 tapas made with La Rioja products
– Wine activities inside the wineries
– Live music, etc.

Timing: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (approx.)

Only 8 seats!!! Book now!!!

+info: info@loverioja.com



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