With “Love Rioja” we would love to show you the hidden Rioja not all visitors are lucky enough to discover. We are experienced travellers and know the different ways and traditions, so know the things a traveller is looking for when visiting a new place. We offer real experiences, with real people. And you will be sure to get a truly friendly welcome.

Rio Oja

We say La Rioja is famous thanks to our wine, the cradle of Spanish language, it is as well on the “Camino de Santiago”, and famous for its food. For all this, Rioja is known around the world. But this place that we love, would be nothing without its people. Our wish is that you will see more than the monuments, wineries, and landscape: that you will discover behind all these things, the people. Join us and be Riojan for a day.

You will discover our history, enjoy some of the best wine in the world, and eat like a king or Queen. The Riojans are famous for being happy, loyal and hospitable. And you will discover just why this land marks us out in a special way.

We offer local guides who will speak both Spanish and English. When you join us, everything is included, so all you have to think about is to enjoy yourself. And after the tour, not only will you understand us and the area better, but will have discovered  a few “secrets” as well as enjoy Rioja, but like a real Riojan.

Do you want to know Rioja and the Riojans? If you love our history and our stories, our wine, our food and the people… we are waiting for you with open arms.


Welcome again!

If you got any question, just send us an e-mail to: info@loverioja.com

Or call us by phone to: +34 696 007 330


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